Our Mission
As the number of burn injuries continues to rise, so too will the demands placed on burn camps.  Atlantic Regional Firefighters Burn Foundation is there to help these camps with their goal of providing a safe atmosphere for young survivors to continue the physical and emotional healing process .

Relax On The Lake
Many burn camps have programs that mirror the good old fashioned summer camp experience.  The children have the chance to spend time outdoors and enjoy themselves in a variety of activities including swimming, boating and hiking.  It is also a place many children can try fishing and archery for the first time.

Push Yourself
While surrounded by Firefighters, nurses and medical therapist, campers are given opportunities to push the boundaries of their everyday comfort zones.  Activities such as ropes courses and wilderness skills are used to build self-esteem and confidence levels in burn survivors who may struggle in these areas at home or in school.

This Years Donation
The Atlantic Regional Firefighters are proud to announce the awarding of $40,000 in grants to help cover the costs of the years Arthur C. Luf  Children's Burn Camp in Union, CT. This years camp will be held July 11th-17th and will host approximately 70 campers who will get to experience this week of camping and exploring absolutely free of charge.